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Ryan Data & Research Wins Big in Runoff

Last week's Primary Election Runoff was a huge success for Ryan Data & Research. Runoffs are difficult races to win: time is limited, funds are limited, and it is difficult to determine which voters which actually show up (statewide turnout in the Republican runoff was 2.64%). Despite all of that, six of our clients ended up winning their runoff election. This included:

  • One statewide candidate

  • Three legislative candidates

  • Two county candidates

Perhaps the biggest upset was with Wayne Christian winning his race for Railroad Commissioner. This was the seventh run for Christian's opponent, Gary Gates, and Gates outspent Christian 10:1. From the period of 2/21 to 5/14, Gates spent $1,046,803 to Christian's $135,755. Gates sent numerous mailpieces to a large universe of Republican Primary voters, with some voters receiving a mail piece a day during the last few days of the campaign.

So how did Wayne Christian pull off the victory?

The answer is simple:

Hard working candidate + Hard working consultants (Jordan Berry and Travis McCormick) + accurate modeling and voter data = Victory

Christian's campaign team used Ryan Data & Research for their voter data needs. Instead of focusing on all Republican Primary voters, and attempting to get them to vote, the above-listed team created a unique universe of voters that focused on areas where other runoffs were taking place. The thinking behind this strategy was that other high-profile runoffs would draw in more voters than areas that had few races on the ballot. Focus on these voters, convince them that Christian was the best candidate in the race, and the rest would be history.

The strategy paid off. Christian won with 51% of the statewide vote.

Ryan Data & Research is grateful to be a small part of the puzzle in this race (and all of our other races).

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