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Voter data is constantly being updated and new information is added to voter records on a daily basis.  In the past, campaigns have only been able to target voters based upon one or two criteria, such as primary or general election history.  Now, campaigns can receive lists based upon numerous other criteria which include:


Premium Data Fields

  • Physical and mailing addresses

  • Occupational information

  • Potential donors

  • Estimated household income

  • Education level

  • Ethnicity

  • Business Owner

  • Children in household

  • Home owner/renter

  • Consumer data

  • Past May election voting history

  • Mobile phone number (if available)

Standard Data Fields

  • Voter's full name

  • Household names

  • Former / Maiden names

  • Physical addresses

  • Mailing address

  • Phone number (if available)

  • County and precinct number

  • Congressional, State Senate, State House district number

  • Age and gender

  • Past General Election voting history

  • Past Primary & Runoff voting history

Data Fields

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