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Data Services

While other organizations and businesses offer voter data and voter lists, they may offer the information “as is” and offer no additional services. Ryan Data & Research, however, will work to provide you with accurate information, and will continue to work with your campaign to ensure the information continues to be useful through the entire election cycle.

Updated Address Information

Other lists services may only update address information for the entire state on a regular schedule (annually, quarterly, etc). Ryan Data & Research works with a USPS-approved vendor to update addresses specifically before your project begins. Your list will be matched against a National Change of Address (NCOA) database which standardizes your voter data to meet USPS requirements and updates addresses for voters who have moved in the past 48 months.



Updated Phone Information

Much like addresses, many list providers only update phone numbers on a regular schedule (generally less frequently than they update addresses). Ryan Data & Research works with several vendors who match phone numbers to your voter data before your project begins, assuring that the phone numbers are as current as possible. Also, Ryan Data & Research can append mobile phone numbers to your data.



Data Hygiene

Ryan Data & Research will clean your data to your specifications. This includes, but is not limited to, removing voters who have moved out of the district, removing individuals who may be deceased, removing voters who have been placed on the suspense list, etc.




Ryan Data & Research has been involved in voter data for 15+ years. We have collected election history data since the 2000 election cycle. In the early years of voter technology, election data was provided on magnetic tape, diskettes, and often times, on hand-written poll sheets. Being involved since that era has allowed Ryan Data & Research to have a more "hands on" approach to data collection, and therefore, we are more knowledgeable about the election process and the various intricacies of voter data.



Data Assistance

While it might seem more cost effective to receive data without any technical support, often times there is no guarantee that your data is accurate or that the right voters were selected for your specific projects. Ryan Data & Research will work with your campaign to confirm the data you use matches your data needs.



Mapping Services

Ryan Data & Services can provide walk lists and maps for your campaign volunteers or paid staff members.

Sample walk list packet.



Early Voting Tracking

Once early voting begins, Ryan Data & Research can provide tracking on which voters are voting early. This will allow you to see if key voting groups/precincts are turning out according to your campaign plans. Ryan Data & Research will also remove households that have voted early from any mailing or phone projects. This will save your campaign time and money.


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