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Vulnerability Studies & Opposition Research

Why is research a crucial tool for running a successful campaign?

A candidate needs as much information as possible in order to prepare for a variety of issues which may come up during the election cycle. A successful candidate has compiled information about:


  • The district and its voters

  • The candidate's strengths and weaknesses

  • The opponent's strengths and weaknesses



Sample Opposition Research Report

What information is included in a report compiled by Ryan Data & Research?

Basic Information

  • Name and addresses

  • Marriages

  • Education

Financial Background

  • Property & property taxes

  • Bankruptcies

  • Tax liens

Political Information

  • Election vote history

  • Campaign finances

  • Personal financial statements

Elected Official Background

  • Attendance & vote history

  • Authored legislation

  • Committee history

Judicial Information

  • Criminal background

  • Lawsuits

  • Divorces

Professional Background

  • Owned businesses

  • Professional license history

  • DBAs

News & Media

  • Newspaper article search

  • Websites & internet

  • Social media


  • FOIA requests

  • State open records requests

  • Custom requests available

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