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Post Election Analysis - Part Two

Happy New Year!

After several months, Ryan Data & Research has finally been able to compile data on who voted in the 2018 General Election for all 254 counties in Texas. A few stats on who ended up voting in Texas in November:

-12.8% of the people who voted in November were people who had not voted in any of the previous four general or primary elections. In 2014, this group made up 6.2% of the votes cast (2016, it was 18.7%).

-Previous midterm voters only made up 55.9% of all votes cast in 2018.

-39.8% of voters under the age of 20 voted in 2018. In 2016, only 30.9% of voters under 20 voted. However, the average age of a 2018 General Election voter was 52.

-68% of voters with no previous general or primary election history registered to vote following the 2016 General Election.

-76.4% of voters with no previous general or primary election history were under the age of 50.

-In the top 30 largest counties, 55.6% of the voters with no previous primary election history lived in precincts carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016. The full report is available here.


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