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  • Derek Ryan

Victory in the Republican Primary

The 2016 Republican Primary was the busiest and most successful primary election in Ryan Data & Research's history!

  • During the primary campaign, Ryan Data & Research provided voter lists and/or research to 26 campaigns. These campaigns included one statewide campaign, four congressional races, 15 legislative races, three judicial races, and three county races.

  • Fourteen clients won their race outright with an additional nine clients advancing to the May runoff.

  • Ryan Data & Research provided over 50 various voter lists to its clients, containing the names and contact information for over 1.5 million households.

  • During early voting, Ryan Data & Research removed over 200,000 households from get out the vote (GOTV) lists. This saved campaigns time and money, as they were not mailing and calling households who had already voted.

With little rest, now it is on to preparing for the Runoff. If you are a candidate and made the runoff, contact Ryan Data & Research to see how they can assist your campaign.

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