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  • Derek Ryan

Absent Democrats of the 84th Legislature

Ryan Data & Research has compiled a database on how all House members voted on the floor during the 84th Legislature. There were 1,833 floor votes taken during session.

During the 84th Legislature, Democrats missed an average of 134 floor votes. Republicans only missed an average of 60 votes.

Democrats account for the top six representatives who missed the most votes.

Republicans account for 20 of the 25 members who missed the fewest number of votes.

The top ten Democrats missing the most votes were: Dawnna Dukes (1,493 missed votes), Ruth Jones McClendon (546 missed votes), Eddie Lucio (342 missed votes), Marisa Márquez (296 missed votes), Ron Reynolds (295 missed votes), Abel Herrero (291 missed votes), Borris Miles (244 missed votes), Hubert Vo (218 missed votes), Oscar Longoria (214 missed votes), and Rafael Anchia (190 missed votes).

Several Democrats are repeat offenders and have appeared on the top ten Democrat list in previous sessions. They include Representatives Lucio (83rd), Miles (82nd and 83rd), Vo (83rd), Anchia (83rd), and Dukes (82d),

Despite being given the opportunity to have the House Journal reflect how the member would have voted, the above-listed Democrats only corrected 73 missed votes.

The 84th Legislature approved a budget of $106.6B for the next two years. Democrats accounted for 13 of the top 15 most absent members during debate on the budget.

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