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General Election Successes

Tuesday night was a historic night for Texas and for our nation. It was also a historic night for Ryan Data & Research and its clients.

Five years ago, Derek Ryan started a company with the idea of providing candidates with accurate voter lists and research. On Tuesday night, the company celebrated its third successful consecutive General Election.

The highlights from the 2014 General Election include:

Ryan Data & Research reached a milestone of 70 wins since 2009.

Candidates of Ryan Data & Research combined for a record of 6-2 in the General Election with another candidate who successfully made the runoff for a local election.

Ryan Data & Research assisted in Republican efforts to take back Texas Senate District 10 (Wendy Davis’ seat). Republican Konni Burton defeated Libby Willis 53% to 45%.

Sixteen Ryan Data & Research clients from the 2014 election cycle will be sworn into office in January 2015. This includes two Congressmen, two statewide officeholders, four state senators, six state representatives, and two judicial officeholders.

Of the 16 candidates to be sworn into office in January, 12 will be serving their first term in their new office.

During the 2014 election cycle, Ryan Data & Research pulled over 30 million voter records for client projects. This includes: volunteer phone lists, volunteer walk lists, direct mail projects, fundraising mailings, paid phone projects, etc.

Ryan Data & Research created nearly 500 walk lists with maps for use in four legislative races.

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