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  • Derek Ryan

Congratulations to Charles Perry

Congratulations to Representative Charles Perry (soon to be Senator Perry) for his amazing victory last night. In a race which included eight candidates, Perry was able to win without needing a runoff. This included handily defeating an opponent supported by members of the

Bush Administration as well as defeating a long-time State Representative.

Perry is a fantastic elected official who connects with the voters in his area. That, along with compiling an amazing campaign team, led to his election. Other members of Perry’s team included Jordan Berry (consultant), Travis McCormick (campaign manager), Chris Perkins

(polling), and numerous other people.

Ryan Data & Research was fortunate enough to be tasked with providing research and voter data for Perry’s campaign. This included creating numerous walk lists and maps for large portions of the district, phone lists for volunteer phone banking projects, and mailing lists for mailing potential voters.

We were happy to be a small part of this amazing campaign team and we wish Perry the best as he moves from one side of the Capitol to the other and joins the ranks of the Texas Senate.

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