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Success Stories From the Primary

With yesterday’s runoff, the primary election season is officially in the books. And for a third consecutive election cycle, Ryan Data & Research ends the cycle with a winning record! The company assisted numerous campaigns with their research and voter data needs.

The highlights of the primary election season include:

•Ryan Data & Research assisted with five statewide campaigns, two congressional campaigns, three state senate campaigns, six state house campaigns, and one judicial race.

•Candidates of Ryan Data & Research combined for a record of 6-4 in the primary election with an additional three candidates who advanced to a runoff.

•Ryan Data & Research assisted the Brian Babin campaign

in Congressional District 36. There were 12 candidates in the primary with Babin winning in a hotly-contested runoff election. (Babin will likely advance easily through the November General Election.)

•Ryan Data & Research assisted with Donna Campbell’s re-election campaign in Senate District 25. In a three-way race, many expected there to be a runoff. Campbell won outright with 55.4% of the vote.

•In a race to replace Representative Van Taylor in House District 66, Ryan Data & Research assisted Matt Shaheen’s campaign. With attacks coming from the two other candidates in the race, Shaheen was able to advance to a runoff, which he then won handily.

•Candidates of Ryan Data & Research involved in a runoff election combined for a record of 5-2 in races in the runoff. This includes clients from the primary election and new clients gained during the period between the primary and runoff.

•After three primary election cycles, Ryan Data & Research has a combined win/loss record of 42-20. This includes all candidates that used the company’s data services, research services, or both.

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