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  • Derek Ryan

Absent Democrats of the 83rd Legislature

Ryan Data & Research has compiled a database on how all 150 members voted during floor votes taken during the 83rd Legislature. There were 1,516 such votes (total for Regular Session and all three Called Special Sessions).

Voters send elected officials to Austin to represent them during the Legislature, but are these members actually showing up for work?

•During the 83rd Legislature, the average number of missed votes* by

Democrats was 89 votes. The Republican average was nearly half that (46 votes)

•One-third (33%) of the Democrats in the House were in the top 25 most frequently absent members. (Top 25 worst offenders: 18

Democrats / 7 Republicans)

•The top 10 Democrats with the most absences are as follows:

Rep Helen Giddings - 346

Rep Eddie Lucio III - 235

Rep Borris Miles - 200

Rep Hubert Vo - 187

Rep Rafael Anchia - 183

Rep Eric Johnson - 180

Rep Philip Cortez - 162

Rep Sylvester Turner - 156

Rep Garnet Coleman - 154

Rep Jessica Farrar - 152

•Representatives Miles and Coleman also appeared on the most absent list for the previous legislative session.

*Missed vote totals are for unexcused and excused absences. They do not include absences for committee meetings.

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