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Absent Democrats of the 82nd Legislature

During the 82nd Legislature, there were 1,747 record votes taken in the Texas House of Representatives. These votes were cast on procedural matters, amendments, but most importantly, legislation which affects the lives of Texans across the state. Ryan Data & Research has compiled a database which includes the vote of all 150 members for every vote taken during the legislative session.

With only 140 days during the regular session, Texans expect their legislators to be present for every vote cast. While an occasional absence is understandable, some members were chronically absent for numerous votes.

The following are interesting tidbits about the attendance records of Democrats during the 82nd Legislature:

•During the regular session, the average number of votes missed by each Democrat was 61, compared to an average of only 31 for each

Republican member.

•Of the 25 members who missed the most votes, 19 were Democrats (this accounts for 39% of the entire Democrat delegation).

•The ten Democrats with the most absences* were:

Rep. Garnet Coleman - 238

Rep. Mike Villarreal - 148

Rep. Rene Oliveira - 110

Rep. Craig Eiland - 102

Rep. Dawnna Dukes - 88

Rep. Borris Miles - 86

Rep. Armando Walle - 81

Rep. Roland Gutierrez - 79

Rep. Joe Deshotel - 78

Rep. Ryan Guillen - 78

*Totals do not include excused absences or absences due to committee meetings.

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